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What is travel soccer?


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The Brunswick Soccer Club is part of The Capital District Youth Soccer League (, which is sanctioned by the Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association (; a member of Region 1 of the United States Youth Soccer Association (  US Youth Soccer is the largest member of the United Stated Soccer Federation (, the governing body for soccer in the United States.  

CDYSL (The Capital District Youth Soccer League) provides a healthy activity through its small sided games programs for the youngest players. These programs emphasize FUN, and de-emphasize winning at all costs. Every child is guaranteed playing time and the game is taught in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.  

For the player with advanced skills and greater ambition, highly competitive leagues and tournaments are available. This player might have his or her sights set on a college soccer scholarship or playing for the U. S. Olympic or National teams.  

For all players, opportunities exist for league play, participation in local and regional tournaments, and statewide competition leading to a national tournament.  CDYSL sponsors youth soccer play among more than 60 clubs in the east-central and northeast parts of New York, Western Massachusetts, and Southwestern Vermont.  The majority of CDYSL is composed of teams generally within a 30 mile radius of Brunswick.


What is Travel Soccer versus the House League?

Travel soccer is offered as a means for the further development of individual, group, and team soccer skills through additional practice and competition against teams from other CDYSL clubs.  CDYSL had several divisions of play for each age group and tries to place the most competitive teams into either Division 1 or 2; location being an important consideration with the creation of Division 3 and lower.  

Travel soccer games are equally divided between ‘home’ and ‘away’ games.  Home games are played at the Brunswick Soccer Complex while away games are played at the home field of the competition.  In comparison, the House program is played against other members of BSC and play is always at the Brunswick Soccer Complex.  

Travel teams usually participate in indoor soccer leagues throughout the winter at commercial facilities and in tournaments hosted by those facilities or by other CDYSL clubs.  Each travel team and coach decides how many indoor sessions and tournaments they want to play. BSC provides both the Spring and Fall House program one tournament per season.  

CDYSL Travel games are refereed by officials certified by the United States Soccer Federation, whereas House program officials are Brunswick Travel players who are trained to referee by club officials and are learning to officiate.  

Travel coaches are typically more experienced than the House program coaches. The House Program is often a stepping stone for players, coaches and referees into the Travel program. 

Uniforms for the House program are cotton t-shirts and a pair of soccer socks. Travel uniforms are a complete set, known as a ‘kit’, including two jerseys (home and away), shorts, and socks.  

BSC has hired professional trainers from the New York Red Bulls to benefit both the Travel and House programs. Red Bulls professional trainers are available to work with both travel and house teams. Coaches and players from both programs benefit from our affiliation with the Red Bulls. 


What training do Brunswick Travel Soccer coaches have?

Each year, professional and volunteer coaches donate their time and efforts to help BSC assemble an experienced group of coaches. Typically these volunteers have life-long soccer experience and include former and current college coaches and players. All BSC Coaches are licensed in accordance with CDYSL guidelines.  Many have regional or state-level coaching licenses and continue to add to their credentials every year. All have a great love for the game and a desire to pass along their technical and tactical knowledge of the game. The goal of our program is to show our kids how much fun they can have learning the sport of soccer while teaching them the value of teamwork, sportsmanship, and fitness. BSC considers the U8, U10 and U12 age groups to be developmental, while the older ages are more competitive.  ravel Soccer is an organized, safe, and enjoyable soccer experience.  


Will my child have a team or be cut?

BSC does everything possible to place players with appropriate ability on a team. Sometimes we have to recruit players from our house program and other clubs to fill teams that have insufficient numbers; however, all age groups/teams do have to abide by CDYSL roster restrictions.  In some cases BSC works to combine similar age groups with other clubs so as to provide an outlet to players.  Our goal is to place as many players as possible. 


When will I know what team my child is on?

The BSC Travel Coordinator and Coaches will meet to discuss player placement on teams. Players will be selected to teams usually within a few weeks after tryouts conclude. You should expect contact approximately one month after tryouts have concluded.  


What are the Tryout Procedures?

Come to the complex ready to play with ball, water and shin guards. Sign in upon arrival (you will receive a pin-on number). U8 teams will not have tryouts, but will be placed upon teams which best fit each player. Other age groups will be formed by attempting to keep ability level as consistent as possible. Team formation should be completed within approximately one month after tryouts have been completed.  On-line registration will open around that time. If you have a balance due the club, you must pay it in full before you can tryout for travel soccer. No exceptions.


Does BSC allow ‘Play-ups’ and what is the policy for Play-up Requests?

BSC does allow play-up requests on a case by case basis.  

To be considered for ‘Play-up’, a player must: Participate in his/her age appropriate tryout, fill out a Play-up Request form, and participate in the tryout for the play-up age.

Players who do not follow the proper procedure will NOT be considered for play-up.  

Following these rules does not guarantee the play-up will be granted.  

BSC will not allow play-ups that are detrimental to an age group. All play-ups will be decided by the Travel Director and the coaches from both teams/age groups involved.


When, where, how far, and how many practices and games are there?  

Practices:  Most BSC teams practice once per week. More competitive or advanced teams may practice more.  Practice schedules are left to the coaches and teams. BSC works to provide school gyms (usually at no cost) to teams; however, teams are free to solicit other practice arenas which may have an additional cost involved.  All such costs are the responsibility of the team and coach using/renting the space.

Games:  Travel Soccer is broken down into Sessions.  A team can play up to three indoor sessions and the Spring Travel Session.  The number of indoor sessions a team participates in is up to the coach and the team.  It is not necessary to participate in the indoor sessions to play the Spring session.  It is, however, highly recommended to participate in the indoor sessions for player and team development. Indoor games are played at local soccer arenas such as Afrim’s ( in Colonie and Latham, and the Sportplex of Halfmoon ( in Clifton Park.  Indoor session comprise 8 games and usually only one game per week is played.  The first session is Nov-Dec, the second is Jan-Feb and the third is Mar-Apr.  Currently, most BSC teams opt not to participate in the first session.  Indoor game days and times depend upon the arena selected by the team.  Below is a listing of traditional play days for area arenas and the spring outdoor session.


Spring Travelgames are played during May and June both at home (BSC) and at other CDYSL clubs.  They are usually limited in travel time ranging up to one hour away (depending on division make up).   There are generally ten games and there can be one or two games per week to fit the games into the 8 week schedule.  There are no scheduled play dates for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, however, games can be rescheduled on these days if teams agree.  Older age groups (U-17/18/19) may have more erratic game days/dates, or be subject to more games rescheduled due to various work/school/college schedules.


Tournaments:    There are many and varied styles of tournaments, both local and away, available to travel teams.  Tournament choices are left to the coach and the team.  Most local tournaments cost between $20-40 per player.  Higher level tournaments can cost more and overnight or away tournaments will have the added cost of lodging, meals, etc.  All such costs are the responsibility of the team and coach entering the tournament.



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